Over two decades of creative strategy experience.

A creative strategy studio with deep experience in brand development, enterprise guideline creation, design systems, 360 marketing campaign planning and execution. We question assumptions and use research and audience insights to refine, differentiate and elevate brands.

Happy The Hodag® and The Crystal GeologistTM are brands owned and managed by Kuczmarski Designs, LLC.


Maker North, LLC is a brand co-owned and co-managed by Kuczmarski Designs, LLC and Northwoods Embroidery, LLC.


Jill Kuczmarski


A creative leader with over twenty-four years of B2B and B2C experience across diverse categories. A writer, designer, strategist, and storyteller who is passionate about brands and behavioral science. 

Jill is available 'after hours' which means weekends and evenings.

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