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Wherever You Are

Project: Brand Campaign   Role: Creative Director   Production Agencies: Tombrs + Sequitur   Platform Production: Nicole Krzmarcik


Brand Campaign

Rasmussen University offers associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and has 23 campuses and is online nationally. 


Following the 2021 Rasmussen brand relaunch and name change we closely tracked brand affinity, recall and overall performance across channels and markets. We quickly learned that brand-level marketing efforts needed to pivot. The pandemic had shifted prospective students' higher education expectations. Flexibility was once again ranked at number one, and 'online' fell dramatically, likely due to 'online' becoming table stakes during the pandemic. There was a clear opportunity to demonstrate the excellent virtual experience that Rasmussen provides and an audience desire for clear and concise functional benefit messaging.

The brand architecture work completed in 2020 was used to restructure our go to market messaging while maintaining brand voice and tone. Using research insights we visually represented traditional Rasmussen students,  'balancers', experiencing Rasmussen's superior flexibility and support services while living their lives. Key differentiators to elevate included the superior online class platform and support services across every step of the student experience with a nod to program breadth, functional benefits, and credibility through listing credentials.

Project: Television and Over The Top Media   Role: Creative Direction, Script Writing, Storyboards, Post

Project: Sequential storytelling in digital served throughout the viewing experience   Role: Creative & Strategy Director, Scriptwriting, Storyboards

Project: Brand video cuts for social channels

Project: Static and animated assets for social and display

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